Best  RD FD Software Company in Jaipur & India


Best  RD FD Software Company in Jaipur & India

1. This is easy to use Software, Powerful and User Friendly.

2. It is Fully Web based real time ERP with Multi-Location Branch/ Collection center handling capability.

3. This software includes Dynamic Settings to Create deposit Schemes, Define Interest Rate, Branch Settings, Agent Ranking settings, commissions settings

« Daily Schemes  « Weekly Scheme  « Monthly Scheme

« RD FD MIS Schemes  « Advance Scheme « Multiple interest rates as per no of days

« EMI, ECS Schemes

4. Cheque Issue Register (Cheque Printing)

5. Finance Product Type Creation

6. Product Settings – Plan type, Create, Edit, (Disbursement Percentage Logic creation)

7. RD / FD / Pension / Child / Education / MIS Security / Security / Weekly plan (Any type of Plan creation).

8. Plan Master – Create, Edit, Active / Inactive (Table creation Dynamic)

9. Time, Percentage, Logic, Pre maturity, maturity Manage Amount, Agent Commission, accounting – ledger.

10. Agent Registration (Free / Paid – Amount / Account open) – Agent Login

11. Agent Commission Master – Slab creation, Product basis, Amount basis, Target Basis, Commission Structure

12. Customer ID – Customer Registration will generate (ID / Pass) – Customer Login

13. Open Account – Agent Id reference / auto (First id will get)

14. Account ID will generate on the basis of Account

15. Insert Detail including ID Proof, Nominee Details, Post Dated Cheques, Photo, Signature etc.

16. Agent Ranking Management – Grading

17. Recognition Club creation facility -If Required

18. Loan Managements with Approval System

19 LTV calculation as per RBI guidelines

20. Close Account, Active and Deactivate account

21. Managing multiple Agent information, commissions and its related reports

22. Set Maturity and Pre-maturity tenure Dynamic

23. Installment Scheme, Installment Due Date, Disbursement, Release Loan Amount

24. Facility to add deposit cancelation, rejection note/remark.

25. Deposit installment schedule with payment details, late fee, processing fee, cheque return charges.

26. Financial year closing System to be maintained

27. Auto calculate maturity amount based on pledged item’s valuation

28. EMI Collection by cheque/Cash, Emi Collection by PDC

29. Loan File Processing

30. Proposal Preparation

31. Loan Maturity Detail

32. Easy process for Loan application submission

33. Document Vault for record keeping

34. Simple F.I./Verification Process

35. Foreclosure Statement

36. Calculator Available for plan settings with Compound Interest / Simple Interest based

37. Automated Accounting Entries

38. Manage high volumes of PDCs

39. Penalty/ late fee calculation

40. Defaulters list Bucket Wise (DPD)


41. Pending Document Tracking (PDD)

42. Account Reference Listing

43. Payment History

44. Charge / Collect Late Fees / Collect Miscellaneous Fees

45. Fully Customizable Solution as per Client’s Requirement

46. Payment Coupons or Monthly Statements

47. Multi sub-admin System to manage various activities

48. Partial Payments Are Accurately Calculated

49. SMS and Email Integration Available

50. Post Dated Checque Detail

51. Late Notices

52. Various Types of MIS Reports

53. Easy Installment deposit and many more

54. Customer Support Center for Live Support

55. Facility for exporting the reports into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF

56. Fully tested with Millions of Records

57. Security and transparency

58. Employee Management with salary

59. Important Reports for Software

->Installment deposited   -> Monthly statement ->Loan Payment History -> Late Notices

->Upcoming Due Installment -> Agent Commission Statement ->Policy allotment ->   Delinquency Report   -> Accounting Detail / Summary Report -> Miscellaneous Charges / Fees Report  ->Account Reference Listing -> Payment Coupons or Monthly Statements

60. Multi Branch Management support

61. Reporting System

62. Auto Update Installation Facility (If possible)

63. Account Renewal Management

64. Account Maturity Settings

65. Account / Customer / Agent – cancel, Transfer, Edit, Change

66. SMS and Email Alert Service – Active – In active at any time

67. Business Status, Ranking, Branch Business, Agent Business Status

68. Cheque Printing System

69. Finance Products Creation and Active / in-active

70. NEFT / Bank Format of Excel Sheet

71. Documents Section – as per banking process, Authentication System, Approval, Scan record of Photo, sign, etc.

72. Commission Calculation

73. Report of Every section, – Filtrations as per client requirement

74. Excel, PDF, Word data import facility

75. In case of Cancel / Transfer / Change / Edit the commission will also get deducted with the Narration like Due to this reason the amount is deducted, management in accounting also

76. Maintain Log reports System (Maximum Events & Accounts Transactions)

77. Management reporting, Notice Board creations

78. Collection Executives' creation

79. Agent Force Promotion & Auto Promotions

80. Deductions Module – Dynamic (Slab creations)

81. Dead Agent Reports (Who is not working for 3 months)

82. Admin can on/ off any menu or option.

83. Up-grade /de-grade account

84. Hiding any customer, agent, or any account

85. Printer Setting Module – Bond, Share, Checkbook, Passbook, Etc.

86. Support Ticket, Call center management system.

87. Payroll Management System (Additional on Requirement)

88. Receipt and welcome letter format settings

89. Internal Messaging System

90. All Banking transactions Authentication

91. Payment Statement Formats.

92. Graphical Analysis and View report of Business of agents

93. Micro Finance System.

94. Check Authentication System

95. DB Download Facility Monthly.

96. Down-line report management for agents, Up line Member List in the admin.

97. TDS/Payout Summary

98. MIS Report – Robust reporting option.

99. Plan Wise, Agent wise, account wise, Ledger wise, date – wise, all other types of Filtrations

reports are required.

100. Installment Payment Format

101. Branch Level Banking operations – Sometime HO Approval required

102. Mobile Application System (Additional on Requirement)

-> Online Fund Transfer -> Bank Facilities Use like – Bill Payments -> Check Balance

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